Thursday, June 19, 2014

Saturday Morning Sales

I hit a few garage sales and one estate sale Saturday morning between chores, and here's the haul. The Howdy Doody glass is from 1953!

A baggie full of vintage sewing notions.

Very cool divided bowl. Nice color too.

A 1950 Santa Claus tray puzzle, a children's record-- also from 1950, and a few books.

Here is the back of the record sleeve. Cute, eh? The girl in the iris is keeping out of the rain.

A former owner wrote this inside the Nancy Drew book. Do you see the irony?

Pictured in the top photo, the typing book has this nifty illustration. By the way, the book was published in 1942.

Also in the typing book: finger gymnastics. I didn't realize typing was considered a sport.

A very cute and practical plastic storage box. Also a pretty turquoise, it looks a little washed out here.

And how about this? It was in with the sewing notions. An old card of snaps in pieces. I wonder what in the world happened to it? Too bad too as the image was very nice. I might glue it to a board to make some sort of collage.

Amazing the little treasures out there! Thanks for reading!


  1. That last finger early vulcan salute! Although I never can get my fingers right and am always afraid I'm saying something, uh, unusual. Nice finds! Is the divided bowl plastic? Love the books best!

  2. The little glass is so cute. And I think you found a Golden book I don't have....I've never seen it before! How lucky! Have a fun day my friend! Hugs!

  3. Great stuff! I haven't been to a garage sale in a few weeks. Sob. The Howdy Doody glass is a real find.

  4. Love the blue tray and the sewing notions organizer- comes in handy for so many things.

    1. You're right! If that organizer doesn't sell, I'll definitely find a use for it.

  5. You may quite a haul Diane. Love the Howdy Doody glass I remember him well. I think I have some of those notions around. Wonderful typewriter illustrations. Have a good evening.

  6. interesting finds. I did see the irony of the hand written note in the book. Makes me giggle.
    The star snaps card looks like some one practiced their scissoring skills with it...but I like your idea of making a collage with it. You'll make it look really cute too.

  7. Is that an Eloise Wilkin book? Nice things you picked up!