Saturday, June 21, 2014

ICAD Week 3

Another week is behind us-- they sure are flying by for me. Here are the cards I submitted for ICAD (index card a day).

This was the only prompt I followed this week. The theme was "stickers." The cat and flower images are stickers. The swirl designs are colored pencil.

This is a watercolor background with markers on top. 

Two magazine clippings from a 1970s publication and "Run" in markers.

I had no real plan for this. I cut one inch squares out of scrapbook paper and used markers around the squares. "Craft" was also done with a marker. I would have liked for the word to stand out more, but so it goes.

Have you ever seen these sort of paint samples at DIY stores? That's what the middle image is. The reverse shows what colors where used. The bigger houses on the bottom are scrapbook paper, and the "Home" letters are from a magazine.

The images and text on this one are from an old cookbook. The blue and orange colors are markers.

This one... I dunno. I had the "days" paper in with my scrapbook papers and just sort of went from there.

If you're looking for some inspiration, pop over to the Flickr ICAD group. Tons of styles and ideas!

Happy Saturday, folks!


  1. Cute cards Diane. I love the one that looks like a quilt. I hope you're having a good weekend.

  2. Never tire of looking at your Art...
    the ICAD cards are so cute. You truly have an artistic eye, my friend.
    My favorite of these...the water color scene and I'm torn between two for a runners up for second...
    those would be the 'Run' card-- because I'd like to do that some days.
    and the 'Home' card...because, where would I run to?
    :) Pat

    oh... and I like the rubber stamped date on each one, too!

  3. My fave is the cooking one - great job on them all!

  4. Love how you are letting your muse take you where ever it needs to go, great index cards Diane!