Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday's Muster #21

To continue the Barbie theme on Monday's Muster, here is my 1973 "Barbie Goin' Camping Set with Dune Buggy and Tent Trailer--" whew! I played with this quite a bit back then. Now the plastic/vinyl tent is rather stiff and the stickers on the tent (that came with the set) are sort of faded, but all in all, it's in pretty good shape for its advanced age!

Here is the tent trailer folded up for travel. The yellow thing is a sleeping bag.

It also came with these cool camping accessories.

I think part of the reason it has survived all these years is the fact we kept the box. The car and trailer slide right back in. My daughter has played with this too. I told my dad I think he got his money's worth out of it.

And look what I just found at the thrift store a couple weeks ago!  Couldn't believe it. Put it on Ebay last week.



  1. That is pretty fancy!!!! Barbie must have looked real cool in those wheels!!

  2. I had a Big Jim camper, but I lost interest in it soon after I got it. A friend had Barbie's country camper/RV, and it was more fun because it had a pop-out tent. I loved pop-out stuff. Jim's camper just didn't cut it.

  3. This is SO awesome! Makes me want to get my Barbies out and see what fun they can have...maybe a picnic! Have fun!

  4. I don't remember any of that cool camping stuff, but I was already in high school in 1973 and my Barbie's were long gone.