Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday's Muster #24

I've always referred to this collection as "ugly vases" which isn't very nice.  They're not really ugly, just unique.  Or maybe you think "ugly" is the right word!  They came from a garage sale, a church rummage sale, and a thrift store.

The one on the left is oh so 70s.  The other is rather heavy. Look at this picture compared to the top; it has different designs going around.

The floral on on the left is actually a candle holder.  There is a short holder on the inside.  The hunky one on the right has very pretty glaze colors and an etched fish design.

A small collection today which is probably a nice break after all the Barbie posts. I'll be starting another large one next week.  Strap yourself in!

Thanks for reading!


  1. These all came from different places?
    They look like they all came from the same artist.
    I like the very rough nature of them. Together they do make quite a collection!

  2. Oh I think that these vases are so unique and pretty!

  3. These are fun and funky! Would look pretty with a daisy in each one! Happy Monday my friend! Hugs!

  4. I'd use them for kitchen utensils or crafting supplies. They are so ugly they are kitschy. :-)

  5. I've never seen anything like them before - they are unique for sure - do you use them?

  6. They look great Diane when they're all put together. They have a lot of personality. Hope you have a good week.

  7. Gorgeous handmade vases Diane, they are each works of art, aren't they?