Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Last Full Week Of June For ICAD

Here are the last week's worth of cards I made for the ICAD challenge. First up is a simple ode to summer. Made mostly from scrapbook paper.

Catalog clippings, scrapbook paper, and marker in the background.

Yes, a seed catalog was delivered to my house.

This was a chapter title in an old gardening book. Thought I'd have a little fun with it.

Cut from an old (obviously) knitting book. Think I'm glad these went out of style.

My first attempt at zentangle-- a trendy form of art that is popular right now. It was kind of fun and kind of relaxing to do, but it took a lot longer than a doodley index card should take. I'm not in a big hurry to try it again.

A mini collage, using a photo of my Mastiff, Arthur.

Thanks for viewing.  Have a good day!


  1. There's no room in a collage for a Mastiff, silly...Have a fun weekend..

  2. All of them interesting.
    I liked the SUMMER written on handwriting paper. The seed catalog and the "how to use your space" sort of go together...planning a garden soon? The way the words are cut out and glued to the paper reminds me of my raised be boxes!
    Snoods- interesting. We have some ladies here that still wear them as spiritual head-coverings...yeah, no joke.
    And Arthur! "Art" the play on words. My daughter and son in law own an english Mastiff-- she is still a pup (HUGE, MIND YOU) but still a pup. Her name is Peaches. I can tell Arthur is older, by the gray in his mustache.
    -- fun seeing these. Pat

  3. You're gardening book title index card is inspired, love it! And I hear you about the Zentangle, it is quite relaxing to do but boy does it take a long time. And Arthur, have to say that one is my fav!

  4. My faves are the first two but they're all nice!