Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Few Finds

The thrift stores were none too bountiful this week, but I found a few things of interest.  How about some old postcards? Quite a variety. From The Spanish Riding School to water skiing in the 50s.

A couple heart tin molds, a 70s lucite spoon rest, also a 70s house plant book which had the house plant pamphlet tucked inside.

Four small Melmac (love that word) bowls and toddler type barrettes.  My hair took so long to come in when I was a tot that my mom taped a bow to my head a couple of times just to be funny. I made up for it in the 70s with long, straight hair (that my mother didn't care for too much; maybe I was getting back at her for the taped bows).

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Back in the '70s a lot of mothers gave their daughters a hard time over long straight hair. I could never figure that out. Like what's the problem

  2. Sounds like we had the same long straight hair!! Hah!!

    Those melmac bowls come in handy, I have a few but I really shouldn't buy anymore!!! I have some little plates too that I use all the time!

  3. I remember barrettes like those. Remember those pony tail holders that looked like gum balls?

    xo Danielle

  4. Old postcards are fun..Melmac!!! I never would have been able to think of that word...Have a great weekend..

  5. I love those water skiing post cards - reminds me of my trick skiing days when I was a teenager.

  6. Loving the old postcards, what a find!