Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday's Muster #22

If you have Barbie dolls, you have to have a Barbie wardrobe, right? Here are the highlights of the clothes I still have. Below were made by my mom.

These were "12 inch fashion doll clothes" sold cheaply at the dime store.

These are the only two "Barbie" label clothes I have.

You have to have accessories too, you know.

These were for the smaller Dawn dolls. The red mini dress was crocheted by my mom.

Of all the many, many, many (did I say "many?") sewing patterns my mother had in the 60s and 70s, these three are the only ones to survive.  All Barbie patterns! I don't recall ever having any of these outfits on this first pattern.

The dress with the black dots in the first photo is the Indian dress shown here, and the green summer outfit also in the first photo is the blue outfit in the bottom right. I had an evening gown like the red one too-- I think my sister has that today. And, yes, I have made my daughter a couple dresses from this pattern.

This pattern is older, and I suspect was handed down from my mom's sister because of its age and the store stamp on the front. I don't think I ever had an outfit from this one either. This one only has the pieces left-- not the instructions.

Have a stylish day out there!


  1. Your mother deserves a medal! I made probably ONE Barbie outfit. I waited until the American Girl dolls came along and then sewed several outfits for them. Even that was bad enough. It's easier to make clothes for people than for those teeny weeny dolls! That little red crocheted dress is also just amazing. I'm so glad you still have those doll clothes.

  2. Wow - your mom did a great job.

    I still want to cry because I got rid of all my Barbie stuff - all the original stuff too because I'm that old. LOL. My grandma took me to Marshall Fields and I remember picking out Barbie clothes off a rack sitting on one of their counters. Each outfit and the accessories came packaged in a square package.

  3. I looked over these closely - you know I love my Barbie stuff too! I don't believe it, in the first pic - I have the very same pink crochet dress - in the same color!!! And I have the two piece pant set in a mod pink print. What fun that you still have patterns! Love it! My great aunt was the one that made my Barbie gear, she must have had that last pattern, I have five of those outfits!!

    Love this post!!

  4. Are there any mothers out there who still make doll clothes for their daughters??? Definitely a bygone era

  5. The accessories really made Barbie fun to dress when I was a girl. I bought a bag Barbies awhile back and most had their shoes on! lol But I need to find a bag of accessories now! Enjoy your day! Wish we lived close enough to 'play' together! Hugs!

  6. I remember my Mom making me Barbie clothes for Christmas, now that I sew (sort of!) I can't imagine how hard that would be to sew up all those teeny, tiny outfits!! Now that was true love!

  7. I never had a Barbie doll..They came after my dolly days, I guess

  8. My mom made us Barbie clothes too! She still has most of them stored in her attic. What wild fashions back then! Your mom made some awesome looking clothes! I bet your dolls were the envy of the block! lol...