Saturday, May 31, 2014

From Bing to Kermit

Another mixed bag from the thrifts this week.  A very iconic (and slightly musty smelling-- hate that!) Bing Crosby Christmas album.  I actually have the same recording as a CD.  Very Christmas-y, for sure!

How about a Simpsons Qwik-E-Mart play set for ten cents?  Thought my daughter (and husband) might get a kick out of this.

Another purchase for the daughter.  This book looks like it was never read.

Vintage 1970s Muppet Show coffee mugs.  I generally try to stay away from breakable stuff to resell, but these are pretty cute and the finds have been very thin lately.

Did you watch The Muppet Show back in the 70s?  I did. Who was your favorite guest star? I might vote for Steve Martin or Mark Hamill.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh my gosh that Quick E Mart is to funny! We watched the muppets every Saturday night. I don't really remember all of the guest stars. But great find on the mugs!

  2. I did NOT watch the muppet show. I wish I had...
    The Quik-E-Mart...I probably would have passed on, I'm not a big Simpsons fan. Though for .10¢ I might have gotten it for another member of the family. :)
    All cute stuff.

  3. Loved Animal too! And the band! And Beeker!!!!