Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Few Finds

The thrifting finds were not many during the last week.  I went to two thrift stores and two garage sales, and this is it.  Although as rarely as I find a head vase, I'm pretty pleased. The Christmas looking thing on the left is a cookie tin, and the Beatrix Potter looking thing on the right is a ceramic bank for a nursery.

Okay all you vintage sellers, collectors, experts: how old do you think this magazine rack is?  It has definite wear to the finish.  It was very solidly made, but do the curved feet look more 80s or 90s to you?  Is it mid-century??  I saw the same rack for sale on Etsy, and the description states: circa 1970s. Hmm... I'm not convinced.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Have a nice circa 70s sort of day!


  1. I just cannot recall a decorating style that the magazine rack would have fit in with, so I am drawing a blank. Have a good holiday weekend.

  2. At least you are finding something, Diane!!

    It'll be interesting to see if someone can ID your magazine rack - everything back in the 60's and 70's used to be gold!! Hah!!

  3. My guess would be that if it feels heavy, it is probably older, and if it feels like that cheapy thin metal, it is newer. Heavier and sturdier the better. Thin and bendable, newer.

  4. Hi Diane-
    Popping in to catch up. Been having a time with the blog and you probably read, haven't made many visits. I have lots of catching up to do.
    The head vase...awesome. Interesting in just showed your collection of head vases not long this a geisha?
    The magazine rack-- Hmmm. I'd have to agree with the others...if it's a heavy gauge steel rod...probably older.
    Hope you figure it out.