Thursday, May 1, 2014

Estate Sale Variety

I went to an estate sale last Saturday without much expectations since it was the second day and had been going for a couple hours already, but there were some fun things left. Not one but two macrame owls. I guess I'm the only one left on the planet who likes these. Now I need to hang them by the others on my front porch. If you want to see the rest of the flock, see this old post and this addition.

Two coffee cans, a 70s sewing pattern, velvet ribbon, and a quilted hanky box. Hard to see but there is a package of lawn chair webbing in each can. I have an old chaise that needs repair.

Christmas sheet music, a 1950s Wilton cake decorating book, a Shirley Temple story book, and a very incomplete Clue game that I bought for the board-- visit Thrift Core to see why. Very cool project idea.

Here is the back of the Shirley Temple book. She is with her children. This book was a tie-in to her TV show at that time.

An old plastic sand pail that was filled with...

Old, plastic Legos!

So it turned out to be a good sale after all. You sure never know!

Happy hunting out there!


  1. The coffee cans are my favorite. I don't remember that coffee brand tho. And the 70's patterns are always fun to see.

  2. Ok, my favorites are the old sand bucket and the quilted hankie box. Everything else is pretty great too! Your owls would go over really well in England right now! I'm told by our British relatives that owls are "in".

  3. It did turn out very good!!!!

    The sand bucket is so cute!

    There's a couple of sales here on Saturday, hope I have something to report!

  4. What great buys! I guess I would have been fighting you over the sheet music and Shirley Temple book! heehee! I love old sheet music and still play it from time to time! Hugs!

  5. Boy do those macrame owls bring back memories! Great finds Diane.