Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ballerina Bess

This is one of my oldest childhood books. It was published in 1965. I must have received it a few years later. It's nothing too spectacular but is special to me since it was the first book I was able to read. I still remember being thrilled about that.

The back inside cover. Hmm... what was I thinking? Maybe my younger sister was the creative one. Yeah-- let's blame it on her.

Thanks for "reading!"


  1. How sweet! I always wanted to be a ballerina! Happy Sunday!

  2. Ballerina Bess looks like a good one!! I was great for doodling too, I was always writing my name - over and over!!

  3. Younger siblings were the exact reason my books and paper dolls (not to mention the hair on some of my real dolls) disappeared. Love that you still have your ballerina book.

  4. I don't remember this book, but I may be a little older than you. I do remember my sister drawing on the front of my dad's TV with a pin. That wasn't good. :-)