Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TT/Beads, Buttons, and Bows

Tag Tuesday is using embellishments this week as the theme is "Beads, Buttons, and Bows."  I don't have many beads, and when I read the theme, I thought of the old song "Buttons and Bows" from the movie The Paleface with Jane Russell and Bob Hope. So I found an image of the sheet music and went from there.

Now try not to get that song stuck in your head-- I've done enough of that lately to cover everyone!


  1. Soo very cute!! I loved Jane Russell. It seems like all the wonderful stars are gone now. I don't even know the names of some of the new ones..lol Love the buttons and the big bow...very very cute!!

  2. We have that old movie and love it....except when you get THAT SONG stuck in your head! heehee! Maybe we'll watch it tonight! Love your tag!

  3. I love that song! I know I'll be humming it now. Jane Russell is one of my favorites too. As said above, your tag is just perfect!