Friday, October 25, 2013

Funny Day At The Thrifts

A couple of days ago I found this object at one of my local thrift stores.  It must be pretty old by the look and feel of the fabric. Do you know what it is? Apparently it was a somewhat popular thing to make. If you're stumped, check back tomorrow, I'll reveal its true function.

So why in the world is she showing us boxes of toothpicks? At a second thrift store that day, I saw a crocheted potholder that I knew I had seen recently somewhere else-- which is weird.  Where would I have gone to see an old crocheted potholder? Then I saw a stack of toothpick boxes and it dawned on me-- a garage sale. I had seen both at a garage sale a couple weeks before. I thought about buying a couple boxes of toothpicks since I use them for applying glue when crafting, but I got distracted by something else and forgot to buy them. The garage sale folks must have donated these items to the thrift store after their sale. So the toothpicks found me after all.

Hope your day isn't too weird!

1 comment:

  1. That is so weird about the potholder and the toothpicks. I wish a sack of money would find me like that. LOL!