Saturday, October 19, 2013

Clanky Thrifts

I hit two thrifts stores (hmm... sounds like I robbed them, no I paid for these items) on Wednesday and bought 75% metal objects.  Odd coincidence. The old loaf pan I plan to "upcycle" with painted numbers or a word on the side to be used as storage. I haven't decided just what yet. The other two tins will go on Etsy. The clown one is pretty cool. I know not everyone is a fan of clowns, but the style and colors look 60s to me (and they're not scary). The other tin is a very traditional holly design. I have a smaller tin in this same pattern I put out at Christmas.

And here is the other 25% of my haul that did not "clank" when I was getting in my back door (almost fell out of the too small bag however!). A rather large (about 14 x 17) needlepoint picture. Isn't it pretty?  I really like the colors.  The frame doesn't impress me.  If I was keeping it, I would replace it ASAP but will try selling it on Etsy.

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday-- we are having our garage sale.  Will report on that tomorrow (if I survive).

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