Saturday, October 12, 2013

Garage Sale Love And Hate

My daughter talked me into having a garage sale this Fall.  Or course, it has rained every weekend since I've been ready. The exquisite items for sale are accumulating on my front porch, waiting for a sunny Saturday.  

I usually hit a couple sales every Friday or Saturday in my area which is often a waste of gas more than anything.  Here is my haul for 45 minutes worth of driving yesterday. A bag of ribbon for crafting and package wrapping. A dog book for my daughter, and a Hollywood issue of AD that I didn't already own. That's it. I think when advertising garage sales, sellers should be required to label them truthfully such as:
The Nowhere To Park Sale
The Baby Sale
The Nothing Here Made Before 1992 Sale
The I Didn't Bother To Clean Anything Sale
The I Didn't Bother To Price Anything Sale
The I Have Less Stuff Than You Just Donated To Amvets Sale
The Overpriced Clothing Sale
Hmm.. did I miss any?  Feel free to add to my list.

I have found some nice things at sales over the years.  Here are garage sale purchases from Summer's past that I currently use as decor. The bottom leather looking thing is an old horse bridle.

Have a nice day and here's to no rain next Saturday!


  1. Yesterday we stopped at 2 "There's no where to Park" sales and one "I just paid less than that for the same item brand new at the store you idiot" sale.

  2. Yard sale season is over here, many of the ones I've been too this past summer would fall into your categories!! Hope you get a good weekend soon!

  3. OH my gosh....that is sooo funny and sooo true!!! I am still laughing!! Too bad you didn't get too much. Today would have been great for garage saling but no car...oh well.

  4. You found some neat stuff. Here's why I don't go.....the 'you live in a scary neighborhood sale'! heehee! I'm always a little leery of driving down some of the roads that say Yard Sale!