Friday, July 25, 2014

Estate Sale Saturday

Since that last estate sale was very close by, I did go back on Saturday when everything was half price. There was a lot left. Below is my haul. Two large Christmas tins, one of those glass strawberry jars, and a 1979 macrame instruction magazine.

Pretty satin and gold ball ornaments and some more vintage sewing notions.

Mod polyester blouse. I tried it on to get an idea of the size, and it actually looks really nice.

This coffee table book I picked up at a garage sale that was just in the next block from the estate sale.

Lots of nice movie stills.

Glad I went back.  Have a good day!


  1. Nice finds - especially the ornaments.

  2. Ha! fun finds. Especially that Westerns book. I grew up on Westerns. :-)

  3. Always fun to find great treasures at half off!

  4. Some good finds. Not sure about that blouse though. Smile

  5. I love the ric rac and sewing stuff! So much fun to find vintage items like these! Great finds my friend! Hugs!

  6. cool sewing stuff and always love the tins. good eye

  7. Every time I read a post about an estate sale, I wish again we had them here! Lucky yiou!,

    I would have bought those tins, nice ones!

  8. Love the sewing notions! And I love a good shopping haul too!