Friday, September 4, 2015

Another Peek At A McCall's Magazine

Let's look at another McCall's Needlework and Crafts magazine today. This issue is Spring-Summer 1966. Notice the two Barbies sitting on the shelves?

I've never been a fan of knitted or crocheted dresses, but there were a lot of them in these magazines. I'm not too sure about the black accessories-- what do you think?

This one I'm showing not so much for the clothes, but how about that hat? And did you notice the wicker monkey purse in the lower left? Kind of odd, but come to think of it, we had one that was a chicken to play with; I wonder what ever happened to that?

I think it was a different pattern, but my mother made my sister a sweater very similar to the middle one because she loved fringe.

What would you say here? Mod? Neat? Funny? Bizarre? Get real? Too much? Too fun? Maybe all of the above. Bring this picture up larger (just click on it), and read the first paragraph-- I'd say: "funny."

Here's another one-- mod? Funny? Bizarre...

Finally a rather tame photo.

Fabric placemats. I thought the bottom one is cute for kids.

I bet these were tricky to make.

Barbie fashions, and I like the accessories-- cute tote bag in the middle.

And just in case you love pink, here is the back cover.

If you can stand one more photo, here are today's letters: T and U.

Have a fun day out there!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Few tags

It has been awhile since I made some tags. These are smaller images so I thought tags would be a good size. Most of them have an Alice In Wonderland theme.

Our letters today in the collage book are R and S.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wacky Pack Wednesday

I know I don't have to reveal today's Wacky Pack product, but did you know it's been around for more than 165 years? Wow. Besides baking, I mix it with white vinegar to clean sinks, etc. (I'm allergic to a lot of chemical cleaners so thank goodness for it!).

Our letters of the day are P and Q. I didn't have nearly as much trouble with Q as I was expecting. Yea!

Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Complaining Pays Off (For Once)

I just posted a few finds yesterday, stating they had been scant lately, then a few days later I found a couple good sales. Ye of little faith.

How about two quite old Dakin Dream Pets? These are very cute, and I had to buy both-- how could you split them up? Yep, I think of weird things like that.

Two aluminum tumblers, a 1970s owl candle holder (the eyes are cut out so the candle light shows through), a brass foot ash tray; remember when bare feet "stuff" was in style? I had an orange foot throw rug in my bedroom for while. And, lo and behold, an enamel flower pin. These have become really rare out in the "wilds".

Some old sewing patterns and rick rack. I use the rick rack for trim on note cards occasionally.

A box full of small gold envelopes. What do you think? For a wedding reception? A golden anniversary celebration? At any rate, I thought they might work for some of my crafting; maybe glue them in the notebooks I've been making??

1970s craft mags

1940s sheet music (I like the song on the right-- too bad I don't play the piano!), and an old, unused photo album.

These are hard to find-- old mail order catalogs from Montgomery Ward and Sears. Both are from 1978.

Let's look inside those catalogs. Until I opened one, I wasn't thinking this was the disco era!

There are some everyday type fashions too. I remember this style well.

And your letters today are N and O.

So maybe I should gripe about lousy finds more often!

Have a good day!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Fun Finds

The finds have been rather scant once again. I think I need to move to a new area! Ha, ha... 

This is pretty nifty, however. A Mary Poppins board game from 1964.

And another board game, The Bride Game, from 1971. Wouldn't that be a fun decoration at a bridal shower?

Also shown in the first photo: unopened Rolodex cards (great for ICAD and other collagey crafts), and unopened flower paper punch, and unopened pack of label stickers, and an unopened 7 Gypsies ATC/photo tray. Not bad.

My daughter and I found this Flatsy clock at a thrift store. Those are very hard to come by. This one is in really good condition, except the hot dog/ice cream cart is missing. Maybe some day we'll find one. Come one-- stranger things have happened.

And here are your letters for today: L and M

Have a nice day!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saturday, August 29, 2015

H and I

Hi-- as in H and I! I usually don't post on the weekends, but I decided to keep the collage alphabet book going. Here are your letters of the day:

Enjoy your Saturday!