Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

SPA Robert Burns Night

Sunday Postcard Art has a very interesting theme this week. Robert Burns Night/Scotland. I was aware of Robert Burns, but have never heard of Robert Burns Night which was yesterday. Even if you're thinking "Robert who?" you most certainly know Auld Lang Syne; he wrote that. He also wrote the well known line on my postcard in the poem To A Mouse. The line is more commonly known as "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry," but I chose to use the original.

Thanks for viewing, and I hope your best laid schemes stay on track today!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Great Aunt LO

I had a little "free" crafting time a couple weekends ago so made something for myself.  A layout of my Great Aunt Madge. I have mentioned her once or twice here before. This is a photo copy of her at quite a young age, 19 or so. Love the hat!

My grandmother, Aunt Madge's sister, is the one who wrote "Auntie Madge" on the top of the photo. As much as I would say that is defacing a photograph, I'm glad she did; I think it adds to its charm.

Have a charming day!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wacky Pack Wednesday On A Thursday

So how come none of you loyal readers noticed I neglected to post a Wacky Pack yesterday?  Were you being polite or are you as overworked as I am? It never dawned on me until about 8:30 last night. Sorry, folks! So here I am a day late an probably a dollar short too!

It's another laundry detergent Wacky Pack. I'm sure you know it is spoofing All. Of course, it no longer comes in a cardboard box, but the logo hasn't changed too much over the years.

Have a super day! And I hope you are more with it than I apparently am!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Fabric of 1967

Did you know or remember that Sears used to sell fabric by the yard?  No longer, I'm afraid. Here is a sampling of what was available in the Spring/Summer catalog of '67.

Lots of gingham.

Kitchen curtains anyone?

I admit it-- I never heard of "hopsacking" before. Have you? I'm surprised as my mother did a ton of sewing back in that era.

Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SPA Quotes

"Quotes" is the theme at Sunday Postcard Art this week. Nothing came to my mind right away so I looked up quotes about "love" since Valentine's Day is not too far off. This one was my fave by far.

I added it to my "Quotes" Smash book. "GREAT." was printed on the right side. I altered it to be more "Peanuts" appropriate. Not sure if I'll do anything to the left side or not. I thought of adding candy bar wrappers (which I don't have at the moment), but sort of like it plain too. I'm still thinking.

Thanks for viewing today!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Album Project

I've sen a lot of art journals and Project Life type albums over the last couple of years. Have you? I like them, but not the commitment. I came up with my own little weekly album idea for this year. A smallish book, 4" x 4", of one activity or thought for that week. Of course, I'll be using mostly paper, and I plan to use a vintage sewing pattern image on each too. I have a stash of these, already cut out so I might as well use them, right? As you can see, I haven't made a cover yet.

The week my daughter went back to school after Christmas break was horribly cold!!

Yes, putting away all of my Christmas decorations was exhausting!

I was talking with a friend about painting my kitchen because I'm tired of the color, but didn't come up with any big ideas. It has been colonial blue, medium pink, and now bright yellow. The gray countertops are staying; the black flooring is staying, the white cabinets are (unfortunately) staying. Any suggestions? And I'm not a fan of green and not about to wallpaper.

Thanks for viewing!