Monday, November 16, 2015

Holiday Printer's Tray

Does anyone remember the 7 Gypsies printer's tray I picked up at a thrift store earlier this year? Here it is all decorated by me and my daughter. "Holidays" was my daughter's idea. Each "compartment" represents a different holiday throughout the year. It was also her idea that we each do a certain holiday instead of working jointly on each one. So here it is... tah dah!!

I won't mind a compliment or two on the tiny red gift bag I made-- that was a pain! The little ice bucket and bottle in the lower right of the New Year's display is a very old gumball machine prize I've had for decades. Come to think of it-- an ice bucket with presumably a bottle of champagne? Weird gumball prize!

The plastic hearts on the Valentine's square and the "USA" and stars in the 4th of July square were cut from cheapy kids' necklaces.

I think my favorite element in the whole tray is the little spider up in the right corner. That is a knotted snip of bulky black yarn and two seed beads glued on. I raided my dollhouse for the mini canned goods and muffin tin on the bottom of the Thanksgiving square.

The Christmas display is an older ATC I made that my daughter doctored up in her own way. The last square is supposed to represent birthdays.

You can't say it's not colorful! And it was fun to make. I'm not looking forward to dusting this however. Might be a job for canned air.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very nice. Looks like a lot of work. I love the colors. Good job. Beautiful day here.

  2. What a cute idea you had and it gave you a chance to really be creative. Each one is a little work of art. I love the tiny horses! lol I forget what they are called. lol Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Oh I love this! Lots of interesting things to fill each slot!

  4. That is so pretty - that's a fun project to do together!! So much delicate handwork - you both did a great job!!

  5. Oh my gosh, that is wonderful, well done you two! And the teeny tiny gift bag is quite amazing, how in the heck did you make that minute little handle?! Deb xo

  6. What a unique idea for this type of tray! You are very skilled at working with miniatures.