Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorite

Last Friday I asked what is your favorite fruit. So this week, let's give veggies their turn. What is your favorite vegetable? Peas?



Beans? Corn? Brussels sprouts (eww)? Potatoes get my vote. I like them a number of different ways: potato salad, soup, mashed, and yes, french fries too! So what is your favorite veggie?

Have a healthful day!


  1. My favourite is potato, in every form, mash, chips, roast, badked ... I like them all :)

  2. haha...Brussel sprouts are one of my favorite. roasted with olive oil, garlic and sea salt. I like acorn squash, rutabaga mashed with butter and salt, I like arugula in salads, artichokes dipped in butter, I think I like just about every vegetable. Turnips are nasty...

    1. Good for you! I'm much pickier-- always have been.

  3. All of those look good to me. I am not a brussels sprouts, kale, mushroom kind of person. Have a fun weekend

  4. Corn! When I was a kid, the only veggies I would eat were corn and potatoes and they are still my favourites although I am rather fond of brussel sprouts now too!

  5. I would say potatoes, though, they don't like me. I've almost gone off them completely since the T2-d diagnosis.
    My veggie of choice now?
    SPINACH! I love it in a green salad, pea salad (black eyed peas), I eat it on a sandwich instead of lettuce, on pizza and I love adding it to a smoothie with an apple ...

  6. I like a lot of different vegetables. Carrots and potatoes are definitely among the tops. And home-grown tomatoes (although technically they're a fruit, right?).