Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorite

It's Friday so today I'm asking: what is your favorite fruit? Just wash and eat, not a pie or anything. Grapes?

Apples? Pears?

Oranges? Bananas? I would have to say "red grapes--" if they are not mushy! In fact, I have an odd palate; I like ALL fruit hard and slightly underripe. I know-- weird-o!

Have a fruitful weekend!


  1. I like all fruit except bananas...but there is a awesome thing we have been doing with grapes lately, and we are addicted! We wash them, and then pull them off the vine and put them in a bowl, sprinkle a little bit of sugar on them (if they are still damp from washing, the sugar coats them nicely. Then we freeze them.....and I am not kidding you, they taste like candy!!! And if the grapes are a wee bit mushy, it wont matter once they are frozen. seriously, like candy! I am buying over $20 worth of grapes right now, because my family and I are eating our frozen grapes like crazy!

    1. I have had frozen grapes before, although not sugared. They're great when it's hot out!

  2. I eat red grapes all day long...Mushy!! Yuk!!

  3. My favourite is a nice juicy orange - but I will be waiting a while for that perfect orange, they're not very tasty right now!!

  4. I'm not a big fruit fan but grapes are what I like best as well. Like you, I prefer them very firm, no mush please!

  5. right now, my favorite fruit is apples.
    I enjoy them with cheese and almonds... as I'm driving to school on Tues. and Thurs.
    easy peasy and they keep the blood sugar level.
    I guess you can say...they keep the doctor away! ;)

  6. Mangos, although they're no fun to cut up when they're super juicy. And they're expensive here. So I usually stick to things like nectarines and apples.