Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wacky Pack Wednesday

This is an old Wacky today, going back to 1973 (ahh, that has a nice ring to it). Believe it or not, I bought this one for next to nothing at a garage sale a couple years ago. It was the only one there, and the only one I've ever found out in the wilds. Not in mint condition, but how fun to find an old Wacky I didn't have!

In case you've been under water since the 60s, this is a take-off of Kool-Aid drink mix. "Hey, Kool-Aid!"



  1. Haha. That's a cute one. :-) With all that sugar we used to add, no wonder we got kooky!

  2. So cool that you found this one on the hunt!
    Kook-Aid...makes you laugh doesn't it?
    I think those of us that like these little wacky packs and find them a nice nod to the good ol' days...
    might be some kooks! ha!

  3. Can't you buy Kool-Aid anymore? I thought I was still around.

  4. I think that is what the package should look like today. All those dyes and WILL make you kooky!

  5. Kool Aid - the drink we always took to the beach!!!

  6. Kook Aid, love it! And it would indeed drive you kooky if you drank two quarts :O)