Sunday, August 31, 2014

A World of Little Finds

My post title is a play on words since I found a globe and a few little things this week. Up first was a sort of odd estate sale with not much to offer. I brought home an old alarm clock and this china puppy. He will go in my dog collection. And, yes, I bought a never used paint brush at a garage sale. Still painting around here and needed a new sash brush.

 A few more little finds from the thrift shop. A set of dogs made in Occupied Japan. That, obviously, makes them pretty old. The snail is marked "Japan" and must be from the early 70s as I have another one only smaller that I bought new back then. This guy went in my daughter's terrarium.

And I give you the world. Globes seem to be a hot collectible these days. We'll see if I have any luck selling this one. If not-- they are useful as is, right?

Have a good day out there!


  1. My grandmother used to have a small collection of those porcelain animals she'd keep on her windowsill. She must've had 30 of them

  2. I love that old's perfect! And the globe is a nice find. They are usually too high priced when you do find them. Hugs!

  3. I Had a little snail like that...It's tail broke off. Hope you are having a good weekend....Hot and muggy..

  4. Cute little finds - especially that first little dog.

  5. Well for a sale that didn't have much to offer, you did just fine!