Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday's Muster #30

If you're a music fan, you're in luck for today's post. This is my modest collection of 45s stored in a late 1970s "Disk-Go-Case." I added the Pink Floyd sticker that came in my Dark Side Of The Moon album.

This was my first ever 45 purchase. I know one of you readers (Joe) will know this song. Other than him, I doubt anyone can sing it but me!

Another old oldie.

Did anyone else buy one of these for charity? Remember what a big deal the video was?

This is one of the later ones I have. 45s waned after this.

How about this title? I'd be really surprised if anyone has ever heard of this song. Believe it or not, this record was a freebie in a box of potato chips.

Cool label.

Purple Rain by Prince really is purple, and it really plays too.

This is the oldest one I have. It was my mother's; must be from the 50s.

The only draw back to a Disk-Go-Case is what to do with the sleeves. I kept most of mine. They are stored in a TV cabinet drawer.

I even have some 1960s kids' 45s that were mine (and my sister's) originally. She let me take possession when my daughter came along.

I think this is the most photos I ever uploaded to one post. Hope it was worth it!

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Great Collection! I recognized a few...and now they are playing in my head, thank you. I've been cranial terrorized with your music now! LOL...
    I used to have my collection. Only I didn't purchase mine. I won them in a raffle. The radio station donated them the POSTAL WORKERS PICNIC and my dad bought tickets. They called my number...I was probably 11 or 12 yrs old. I was of course thrilled and had some favorites.
    going to You Tube now to have a listen!
    have a great week.

  2. :D
    I cheated! (and I love You Tube)
    I REMEMBER THAT SONG! I'm terrible with names, so it stands to reason I'd not remember the title too....
    now, I'm definitely having a flash back and good morning now.
    just wanted to say THANKS! it's fun.

  3. I can't tell you the last time I saw a 45. Yes, Hernandos hideaway was from the 50s. Interesting post.

  4. I love the old 45s and saved mine, too. I see some familiar records even though I was a teen ager a long time before you were! lol Sweet hugs!

  5. love! I also had the Band Aid 45. Its still my favorite holiday song! Unfortunately, one day I accidently stepped on it and cracked it in half:-(

  6. I had a stack of 45s - oldies from my grandmother. Hubby convinced me to toss them several years back. But it was fun to listen to them.
    Odd to think that being able to buy "just one" song was an option for decades --- then waned with the arrival of CD's and is now back again with MP3s.

  7. I have never, ever seen one of those storage containers, cool! Great collection of 45's, I had no idea they were still making them in the 80's?