Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunflower Power

Let's give my sunflowers their day in the sun (okay, bad pun). These are from a package of dwarf type sunflowers.

Hope this picture doesn't make you sneeze-- it's a leaf below a sunflower.

No, not a sunflower, but while I was shooting, this bee hardly moved. Good flower, I guess.

Is there anyone who doesn't like sunflowers???



  1. I've always loved sunflowers. When my kids were small we would always grow the tall ones and then take pictures of the kids standing next to them. We would also pull out the seeds for our cardinals.

  2. They sure are beautiful! They would make beautiful cards or a cover for a journal! Hugs!

  3. They're nice, Diane!

    I planted a few packs of various seeds this year and not much has grown, so disappointed!

  4. Love them Diane! We have so many volunteer sunflowers below where the bird feeders sit in the winter time. Love how they cover their 'faces' before their petals fan out.