Sunday, August 17, 2014

Painting Saga Part 2

I posted about the bright green color we are using in our dining room and living room; here, now, is color #2: sky blue. At least, that's what I'm calling it. You could also label it Caribbean blue, light blue, turquoise.

Here is the front door, off the living room; it leads to an enclosed porch. This is the "before" shot. We painted the woodwork 15 years ago when we moved in. The walls we did in sort of a goldy, off-white modeled effect. About 12 years ago, we went over the walls with this beige. Definitely time for a change!

Quite a difference, eh?

Working on the front closet doors. Some previous owner replaced all the original closet doors with louvered ones. Gee, thanks. Dusting and painting louvers is not high on my list of fun activities.

In case you're wondering how in the world I came up with a blue and green color scheme. Let me remind you of a fabric panel picture I bought at an estate sale (see the original post here). It will be hanging in the living room. Proving I have a bit of design sense, some of the walls will also be white. The blue and green is actually sort of dark so that should balance things out nicely.

Our short bedroom hall (which is now the blue color) has access to our attic in the ceiling. Here is the new and improved access panel by yours truly and my daughter. It's a nice little surprise if you happen to look up.

Enjoy your day!


  1. oh wow, that is soooooooooo gorgeous and BOLD! pretty sure those paint colors will help you save on heating this winter!!! ♥LOVE♥ what you've done!

  2. Love that attic door panel - so 60's. Blue and green has always been my favorite color combo. In fact, when I was a teenager (1970's) that's the colors I had my dad paint my bedroom and I had all my posters all over my walls. It was the coolest room ever! So I am in love with your choices here.

  3. Wow, you would never know it was the same room! And the attic panel is great, very psychedelic man!