Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vote For Batman and Cheap Posters

Not many garage sales last week. This is the big haul: four posters. They are the smaller size, about 14" x 18". I definitely do not need a new poster in my house, but when I saw this Batman one in the stack, I was hooked.

I still like this movie.

At fifty cents apiece, I couldn't forget my daughter.

I've said it before, but you sure never know what you'll find at garage sales and thrift stores!

Happy hunting!


  1. You just never know what you'll find that someone has saved! These are fun! Happy weekend my friend! Hugs!

  2. There were a lot of garage sales around here today. I just don't need anymore stuff!

  3. Love the Batman poster and 'My Little Pony' at Comic Con? Well who knew?!