Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wacky Pack Wednesday

This is a newer Wacky Pack so everyone should know the real name and recognize the packaging. Clorox bleach is being spoofed here. 

Have you been told you snore? Have you spent nights on the sofa because your mate snores? Have you repeatedly nudged your English Mastiff because he is snoring and keeping you awake?  I qualify for two out of three of those, and the dark circles under my eyes should tell you which two.

Have a good day and a quiet night!


  1. Haha. Very funny. And yes my little Misty snores. :-)

  2. I can sleep through anything! lol Off you have any handmade journals in your shop? Sweet hugs!

  3. My husband did my cat at the time..I slept thru it..