Saturday, March 15, 2014

If It Doesn't Sell Thrifting

The thrifts have still not been any too plentiful around here. I picked up several items this week that when purchasing, I thought, "If it doesn't sell, I can use it" which is a good justifier-- don't you think?

Cigar boxes-- these don't appear to be too old, but they're still kinda neat.

A 1980s postal scale that works fine (first class was 25 cents!) and a wooden hanger all the way from London. If I ever come into big money, I want to trade all my plastic hangers for wooden ones. Now that's living!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. We hit a couple of estate sales yesterday and today. I need to go take some photos to post. I have a thing for old crates and pyrex. My biggest problem is that I'm always buying stuff saying "I can sell this" and then I just end up keeping if cuz I like it. I fall in love with all my junk. LOL.

  2. Great Hanger..Good idea for a collection..

  3. I love cigar boxes and now I have 2....I guess I'm headed for a collection! lol Love your fun finds! The hanger is awesome! Sweet hugs!

  4. Well, you did find something!!!

    Hangers like that are hard to find, it might take you a while!

  5. Oooh, cigar boxes! There's a great tutorial over at Artfully Musing on making a storage chest with them if you can't sell them. Here's the link:
    You can never have too many cigar boxes :O)