Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday's Muster #11

This week's collection is about as far away from last week's Depression glass as you can get. Little plastic Snoopy figurines. Whitman candy used to include these with holiday candy back in the 90s. Although a couple of them I bought at a Hallmark shop in the late 70s or early 80s.

Here we have Valentine's Day Snoopys.

I only have two Easter ones.  Love the one on the left.

Halloween Snoopys.

And quite a lot of Christmas ones.

The pirate and the Indian are the ones I bought at the card shop. I have set these out for Halloween too as Snoopy appears to be in costume.

So where do I store these off season? In a Snoopy lunch box of course!

Hope this collection brings a smile to your face. Have a great day!


  1. You just made my day!! I love everything Snoopy. I have 2 sets of those Whitman tin boxes with Snoopy's that I found at a garage sale last year. You never see those anywhere. You have a great collection here and I love your lunch box.

  2. These can't help but bring a smile! Happy happy day my friend!

  3. I looove Snoopy! The lunchbox and toys are glorious.

    1. Yes, there is something about Snoopy that just makes you feel good.

  4. Who doesn't love Snoopy?! Great collection Diane and love your Snoopy lunch box too!

  5. I love the Snoopies!
    I always think of the Snoopy dance when I see him..because he does make you feel good!
    ...big smile. Pat

  6. Snoopy rocks! I have a few small Snoopy dogs, but none like yours! I have one the winds up and walks around. I like your Easter dancing Snoopy the best. I even have my very own real-life Beagle now!
    What a fun collection!