Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mean March

It was only a few days ago I mentioned March in the Midwest can be very fickle and mean.  Well, I rest my case...

This was the scene yesterday morning.

Our poor little pine is stooped over once again.

The sun did shine later in the day. A small consolation. 

Hmm... how to end this on a positive note? Um, uh... tick...tick... It's almost Friday? That will have to do.

Hope your weather is better!


  1. Okay, maybe if this were some beastly hot day in August I could appreciate it more. LOL As it is, I am, like you, SO sick of the snow. Have a great day, and I hope all this white stuff melts pretty soon!

  2. I know we are all so sick of snow, but yesterdays scenery was breath taking! Lets hope it was the last hurrah!

  3. You got some pretty shots! Spring is just around the corner. :-)

  4. That is incredible! Surely this will be the end of it....I hope I hope! Enjoy your day and thanks for your comment about the doll. I may try that on my next one! Sweet hugs!

  5. Much better just very cold with sustained 40MPH winds...Hope you took that snow off of that poor little pine..

  6. We're having sunny days here in England. Hope your snow thaws soon.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. Oh no Diane, so sorry you've had another dump of snow:O( Just remember, it will melt .... sometime??

  8. Crazy!!! We have so much here to melt, it could be bad when and if it ever starts the melting process!!

  9. No snow here but it was 80 one day, 30 as a low the next. North Florida is all over the place weather-wise, too. Can't wait for summer.

    1. Our temps have been up and down too, but I haven't seen an 80 for months! Sounds wonderful!