Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday's Muster #10

This collection was really a set when new, but since I inherited it, I think it leans more toward a collection. These goblets belonged to my great-grandmother. I know very little about Depression glass which I'm guessing that's what these are. 

I have four of these glasses with twisted stems. The clear bowls are gorgeous when freshly washed; they kind of have a sparkly, prism effect.

There are only two of these with the pale pink bowls. so pretty.

My mother had these in storage for many years. I now have them on top of my kitchen cupboards. Wish I had a better display spot, but for now they're safe up there. They are very delicate and a couple have chips on the rims so I couldn't really use them even if I wanted to. Nice piece of the past.



  1. Those are really pretty. Love the pink ones.

  2. Those are just beautiful! Aren't you happy you have them! When I was 16, I was given some gorgeous but extremely delicate goblets by my grandmother. Unfortunately, none has survived to this day. :-((( Of course, it would have helped if I had realized their family-connection value when I was younger.

  3. Those are very pretty, Diane - I can tell how fragile they must be!!!

  4. Now those are just pretty!
    So nice that you have them even if you don't get to use them...they are pretty to look at,huh?
    Have a great week. Pat

  5. These are gorgeous. I have a similar glass but it doesn't have the green stem. It is the thinnest glass I've ever seen. Imagine washing those after dinner! They are lovely though! Hugs!

  6. How pretty!! Glad you have them in your care to admire them!