Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday's Muster #9

Since the Academy Awards were handed out last night, I decided to post my collection of celebrity photos. I've collected these off and on for about 30 years. Today you can find celebrity addresses online. Back in the day, I went to the library and looked it up. How primitive. I've written a lot of letters in that time. It's a rather small percentage of celebs that send anything back. A few I have purchased via an actor's website. Here is the bulk of what I've received. Do you recognize any?

Clockwise from upper left: Bob Hope, Jeff Bridges, Clint Eastwood, Jack Lemmon, Carol Burnett, Bob and Ray, Pierce Brosnan.

Cyd Charisse, Barbara Eden, Jim Carrey, Bob Newhart, Dawn Wells, Bob Denver.

Dick Van Dyke, James Arness, Tim Conway, Betty White, Peter Falk

Bruce Boxleitner, Ann-Margret, Larry Hagman, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork

Robert Redford, Christopher Plummer, Robert Redford, Jacklyn Smith

My mother told me she had a lot of classic star photos from the 1940s, but they were lost in a flood. Too bad. I would have loved to have gotten my mitts on those!

Enjoy your day!


  1. You have some great pictures there!

  2. WOWZA!!! What a fabulous collection and one to treasure. I recognize all but a couple! How nice!

  3. Hey, I used to do that too!! I still have a few - but none of the ones that you have!! I should dig them out and we can compare!!!

  4. Wow Diane..That's quite a collection you have there..Interesting to see them at that age..Happy Monday..

  5. Wow, great collection! Never did get any autographs from movie stars or famous folk and never would of thought to write to them to ask. Wonder how many requests they'd get a day? I think it's wonderful that they'd actually send you an autograph in reply :O)