Sunday, March 2, 2014

Estate Sale Potpourri

Yesterday morning I stopped at an estate sale. The house was packed with more people than treasures, but I did wind up with a mix of finds.

Got a bargain on these two photos. There were other, smaller ones going for more money. Okay. The group shot on the right are faculty members and is dated on the back 1913-1914. 100 years old now.

I can't pass up Hollywood related books. The large book underneath is an unused scrapbook in really nice condition.

Did you see the little lint brush kit in the first photo?  This is the contents. I knew what it was right away since I have a similar one that belonged to my great-aunt.

I'm not a fan of these troll carvings, but they are quite collectible. First time I ever found one out "in the wilds."

Nifty old slide case and stereo slides-- I had never seen that style before. The subjects are 50s family type photos. A few were taken in front of an aluminum Christmas tree. Too fun.

How about this?

What were the Peter Pan people thinking? I listened to this, and certainly wouldn't allow small children to listen to it.  A kinda weird campfire-type ghost story. Inside the album is a read-a-long comic book. I picked it up more for Halloween decor.

There you have it, from Dracula to Elizabeth Taylor! You sure never know what you'll find at these sales!

Happy hunting!


  1. That's the never know what you'll find! I had a little zip manicure case but not with the brush. How neat! Great finds my friend! Hugs!

  2. Spring is in the air and estate sales are starting to pop up by me too. Yesterday I got a vintage tablecloth and napkins, a cute rooster metal tray and a rolling pin with red handles.

  3. Great idea to use the record for Halloween!