Friday, March 21, 2014


I guess being thriftless is better than clueless, but I am at a loss as to why the thrifts around here are still far and few between. Crummy weather? Well, whatever the reason, these three finds were it for the week.  Whoop-dee-do.

The vintage baby shoes are cute and in great condition. I plan to use the reinforcement rings for tag making. See the 15 cent price on the box? I paid 20 cents-- that type of inflation I can live with!

So what's an "ideal baby?" One that doesn't cry, takes regular naps, doesn't stuff peas up its nose? I never had one of those.

Here is a better view of that tablecloth or dresser scarf in place. It's very nice, and I'll use it myself if it doesn't sell (that's a sure way to get it to sell!).

So how have the thrifts been in your area?  Better than mine, I hope!


  1. Where, oh where, is all the good junk??
    We're at the lake and we spent 2 hours yesterday walking the shoreline and carted home a bunch of treasures (junk.) Wait til you see what we all found. LOL.

  2. Oh my! Those baby shoes IN the box are better than everything I got put together! I love stuff like that to display with my dolls. I think the weather has to improve to get people out and about! Enjoy your day my friend! Come on down here and we'll go shopping! Hugs!

  3. The crib shoes and dog are nifty, though! I haven't been thrifting yet, I'm not ready! I want a new organization system in place so my home doesn't get overwhelmed/messy again ;D

    1. Good thinking! I am lucky in the fact I have a basement.

  4. An ideal baby is somebody elses....:)

  5. It's still the same here, I was at four thrifts yesterday,i wasn't completely skunked, I found two Vera scarves and a couple of other linens. Everything seems to be newer, where is the old stuff????.

  6. Haven't been thrifting around here yet but your finds are great! Love the dresser scarf, it is lovely.