Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vintage Listening and Betty's Plate

It still seems to be off-season for thrifting in my neck of the woods. If the weather ever improves, maybe thrifting will too. I did find a few LPs last week. You can't beat the old album covers. I listened to all of them. Only one song has a skip. Not bad. First up is the soundtrack from Hello Dolly. Great music and how about that mod cover design? It was released in 1969-- figures.

Two children's albums. Would you believe I already own the Disney one on the left? Had it since I was a kid. Like the title on the one on the right?

Can't pass up Elvis, can you?

The Frankie album is a double set. A nice design too; it has bio info and photos on the inside. Oh, Jim Croce, he died much too young.

This cute plate was handmade and/or hand painted. You can barely make out the imprint "Betty 1978" on the back. Pretty design.

So am I the only one who still has a record player/turntable/stereo/phonograph? And what do you call it?  At least I didn't say "gramophone."

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Have a pleasant day!


  1. I have a "record player" - and a lot of records - I need to play them more! I have the Elvis Christmas album that you found - can't beat a record!!!

  2. I could kick myself for getting rid of my "stereo system" and "turn table" years ago. Not to mention all the great albums I tossed. I loved reading the liner notes and you're right, the album covers back then were fab. You got some great items!

  3. Love the art on these albums! Like Kim above I needed space/money and I sold my Stereo System and turn table. I figured I'll find more since I have to hunt so much.

    1. I think I'll always make room for my records and stereo-- something else can go!

  4. Replies
    1. I've never been much of an Elvis fan, but the King Creole album is really good.

  5. Oh my..late 50's..I had all the Sinatra albums...

  6. My mother loves Elvis and still plays all of her records on her record player! These are all so familiar! Hugs!

  7. I have so many record that I've kept and would love to play them sometime, yikes, no player! I love all kinds of music and I still listen to Elvis every once in a while! Fun post!

  8. I still have some LP's but no turntable anymore, love the art on the old album covers and yes, Jim Croce was taken much too soon, love his music so much (and I'm dating myself big time by knowing who he is LOL!) Hope your thrifting improves with the weather.

  9. I'm laughing because we had/have the Walt Disney Happiest Songs album, too!