Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hit and Miss

Well, ya win some, ya lose some. My thrift finds this week are an odd mix of things, and two of them turned out to be duds. Care to guess? One is pretty obvious, but the other is hard to see.

Here is the first dud. This "old" case, as it was marked, has magnetic closures so it can't be that old. I kept looking at it in the store, going back and forth in my mind if it was vintage or not. I decided it was so bought it. Then decided it wasn't when I got home. Oh well. I might be able to sell it on Ebay. If not, it would make a good photo prop.

Here are a couple photos in those cookbooks. Food photography certainly has changed. I haven't had any luck selling these in the past, but if I find a few more, I can make a "lot" of them. They also are fun to use in collage projects if I'm stuck with them.

I've seen these letter holders painted bright colors on Etsy. All laziness aside, I plan to leave this as is. I know I'd never pick the right color.

The figurine is a Norman Rockwell collectible from the 1970s. These depicted subjects from his paintings.

Some wide 70s ties in patriotic/Bicentennial colors. Here is dud no. 2: the red striped one I shot laying across had a rip in the back that I didn't notice until I got home. I thought I looked at them carefully enough in the store.

Still found a few interesting things. As my mother was fond of saying: that's life in the big city.

Enjoy your day-- and look at those thrifts carefully!

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  1. You could actually turn that tie into a camera strap cover. :-)

    We stopped at a thrift shop yesterday and didn't find a thing. Wah!!

  2. My mom had a few of those Norman Rockwell figurines. I'd say you did alright at the thrift shop. Thanks for stopping in, and yeah, we're under another 'winter storm warning' for tonight. THINK SPRING. :-)

  3. I think magnetic closures go back at least to the 80s---so while the case isn't an antique, its still probably "vintage".

    I hate it when I get something home and find a flaw! Happens more often than I'd like to admit :)

    1. That is a good point about that case. And it is aggravating to get something home and find a chip,etc. I try to be so careful too.

  4. I hate getting something and finding a flaw. I bought a barn coat that I could have probably flipped for around $50 on Ebay but I didn't notice the pocket was torn at the thrift store. I also didnt notice all the tiny bleach spots :-(

  5. Its fun seeing the old cookbooks. The food almost looks fake!
    They might sell you never know...if nothing else, you can use them in your paper projects.
    I like the letter box, desk almost has a Scandanvian look to it, which is very popular right now. The figurine is cute too.

    haven't been thrifting lately.
    Spent the day yesterday browsing Antique Flea Market... BROW-SING...
    BECAUSE IT WASN'T THRIIIIIFTY.... if you know what I mean.
    However, I did enjoy to looking.

  6. At least you found something! I've tried to sell that type of cookbook before too - no luck, there must be too many of them out there!! But, I always think I have to buy them when I see them...