Friday, February 7, 2014

1942 Fashions

I recently bought two catalog pages from a 1942 Sears catalog From The Paper Flea Market for crafting purposes. I wanted to share the styles and prices.

I see these shoes are supposed to be thrifty, but get those prices! My local thrift stores sell shoes for higher than that today.

And boots too...

I'll take a pair of the cowboy boots.

Notice the patriotic colors?  This was during WWII. Notice the prices?

They even identified the styles by using girls' names.

These clever outfits were reversible.

Doll set too!

A nice little look back!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love those 'sensible shoes.' Contrast those with what I see on the weather 'babes' on TV. 6" spikes. I wonder why we've lost all common sense. Now if we could only get the fashion world to get on board with the sensible shoes. Who wants to walk across cobblestone streets in 6" spikes??

  2. Ohh, reversible dresses - I've never heard of them!!! Great post!!

  3. My mom remembers all of that! She was a big Sears fan, even worked for them awhile in the 50's. She let me entertain myself with catalogs when I was old enough to turn the pages. I blame her for my fondness for "stuff!" (She just laughs.)

  4. When you get the order ready....will you get us both one of these dollies? And maybe the white boots for me? What fun! Hugs!

  5. Ha, looks so totally great ... love them. Especially the doll set :-D Suzanne

  6. Wow what goes around comes around !

    The longer boots re on trend this season in UK

    1. Hi! Yes, longer boots are in style in the U. S. too. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I love looking at old ads, and I wish I could go back in time and buy all those wonderful things! :)