Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Cards

For all the cards I make, I rarely make any to give to my friends and relatives.  I dunno-- kind of seems like you cared enough to spend the very least. I doubt people really think that, but... However, this year for Valentine's Day I did make cards to send. Since I had old Valentines given to me and my mother by cousins of mine, I decided to copy those. Do you think they will recognize Valentines from 40-60 years ago? Probably not, but I bet they'll get a kick out of it.

And I'm pretty safe in showing these as very few of my friends and relatives read my blog. I see that is rather common in our Blogisphere.

Have a happy day!


  1. Oh what sweet cards you made! I need to get busy and at least make one for my sweetheart! Hugs!

  2. They're sweet! I made cards last year but wasn't that ambitious this year! Hah!

  3. LOL, too funny, 'cared enough to spend the very least', that is hilarious! Never looked at it that way and I'm sure the lucky recipients of your Valentine cards won't either. Love them Diane.

  4. I always send cards to friends as well as relatives. Love them too, I figure, so why not? I always took a few flowers (often right out of the yard 'cause, sometimes this time of year, we can find them in Florida---this year, after the frosts, not!) and a chocolate goodie to two of my friends who were widows. We'd go to lunch and be silly for awhile in the middle of the day. Both friends are gone now and I'm so glad we had those fun times together.