Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday's Muster #7

Have you ever heard of cigarette cards? I never had until about 15 years ago. These first were issued in the late 1800s, usually in a series, kind of like baseball cards for adults. There were many subjects such as animals, movie stars, athletes. Some are worth a lot of money. Most are not, and there are even reproductions out there. Some of mine are repros. I don't collect them for the monetary aspect, I collect the dog cards because I like classic dog paintings. I've bought cards that I like. Plain and simple. By the way, these are pretty small; naturally, they fit in a pack of cigarettes. 

These are a little on the larger size; a little smaller than a baseball card.

Some newer ones are photos.

These are reproduction cards drawn by the well known author and artist Lucy Dawson.

I think the blue cards on the right are rather unusual.

Very common size, about 2 1/2" x 1 1/4".

These are by another famous artist Arthur Wardle.

Most of them have breed information on the backs. Interesting.

Collections like these are nice-- they take up very little storage space!  I keep most of them in a jewelry box drawer. A few I have on display.

Happy Presidents Day!


  1. Your cards are great and, ta da, even better because we love dogs! You have an excellent collection. I only have a couple of cigarette cards and they are of unknown (to me) British actors from the past (in the '30's I think).

  2. I'm not familiar with cigarette cards. But I'm not surprised.
    A good marketing strategy is just that...
    worked with bubble gum! I think the subject of dogs is nice. I bet there were horses too.
    They make a nice collection and would look cool framed in a creative way.
    I like the blue one of the German Shepherd.

  3. Love the pups..Would make a cute collage...Didn't know about cigarette cards..