Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TT/The Roaring Twenties

Tag Tuesday has an interesting theme this week: The Roaring Twenties.  A lot of choices there.  I happened to have this image of sheet music from 1926 so decided to use that. How about that title?  I wonder how the song went?

There are many new contributors to Tag Tuesday now.  Worth a look!

Have a good day, and maybe a cup of coffee, a sandwich...

Hey, folks-- "On The Ball" Pat at Corn In My Coffee Pot clued me in that this song can be heard on youtube. Here is the link.

Thanks, Pat!


  1. I love this!

    I didn't visit Tag Tuesday; but instead, I went to Youtube to have a listen...


    Thank you!

  2. Very cute. I love the sheet music. Good job!!

  3. I was going to suggest looking on You tube and I am listening to it this very moment. Very 20s.

    I love this tag, the addition of your sun bursts and string are a blast! I am new at TT only a few weeks but it's such fun looking at all these talented people. Dxx