Tuesday, July 2, 2013

TT/Letter Z

We made it! The letter Z has finally come to Tag Tuesday this week. I chose a contemporary actor, Eddie Izzard.  After all, two Zs in his name! In case you never saw it, the phrase "cake or death" is from one of his stand-up routines. Very funny stuff if you can get by the naughty language.  Good actor too.

Next week Tag Tuesday returns to its original format of assigning a theme for us to follow every week. First up is "Italy."  Hmm... no Italian blood in my veins.  Have to put on the thinking cap; wonder where I left that.

Have a nice day!


  1. Oh my... I saw his face on my feed and had to click over to see this one.
    I must admit...I do like lots of stand up comedians, the naughty language, I can do with out...(and I don't care for the blasphemous bits, by any comedian) however I do watch!
    I just recently found out he was in Cars 2!! and though I've not watched very many of his stand up bits-- I've got some family members that quote this very line... "Cake or Death?"
    ...so, what do people do with these O.O.A.K. tags that you create? Do they gift them? Frame them? Add them to their own works of art? What?
    I'm thinking this one might be favorited if it goes in your shop--and even purchased, if the ship rolls in! **can't wait though, last time I favorited something in your shop, it sold!

    ...love this tag! Pat