Sunday, July 21, 2013


I know, big deal, so she grew cosmos.  But I never did before so it is kind of a big deal. They are doing very well in my front yard planter. I planted them from seed, and when they first started coming up, I was thrilled.  At about three inches tall, I thought they weren't cosmos but the marigolds I also planted. The leaves are similar, but I was right the first time-- cosmos.

They somewhat make up for the lack of zinnias this year-- have done zip so far. Nuts!  I love zinnias.

Have a good day-- find joy in something as simple as cosmos!


  1. Happy Sunday, Dianne. I love anything that blooms. Your cosmos look very graceful, like dancing ladies.

  2. Cosmos are so pretty in a bouquet - I planted some by seed for the first time this year - so sign of anything yet though!