Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dog Hair Commodity

In the summer I brush my dogs outside for obvious shed reasons.  I left some of Arthur's hair out there and guess who decided to use it for nesting material?

The hair wasn't there ten minutes before this homemaker stepped in.  That's the third or so time sparrows helped themselves to Arthur hair.

We know where they are taking it too.  Just several feet away in a plastic gourd birdhouse we put out every spring.  Must be awfully fluffy in there!

Lucky for the sparrows Arthur loves to be brushed!

Have a comfy day!


  1. Arthur does not have a heck of alot of hair he looks cool so any hair the birds enjoyed. Well knock me over. You made them happy girly.

    Your a kind person and Arthur loves the brush me now idea.

  2. Aw, that is too adorable! This inspires me to put some bird houses and feeders into my gardens. I use my mom's, boyfriend's, friend's, and a community garden since I have no yard ;) This brings me right back to childhood, used to love making roots for the birds.

    1. I'd like to have another house or two myself, but our other trees are too tall. Would have to put a house on a post. Watching birds is kinda fun!

  3. I brush our Bella outside too hoping the birds will use it for nesting material. I’ve never seen them pick it up but after seeing your photo I will continue to keep “recycling.” Thanks!

  4. Hey! I love your idea of the birds using our dog's hair for their nests. We brush him outside, so maybe they are, just never observed it. Cardinals and doves are the main types of birds we get because they're after parakeet seed that always spills from the outside aviary. I love that you got photos!

  5. Arthur is so cute!! How great he feathering nests!


  6. Love your photos. I have many bird feeders and they all love our eaves....have had many, many baby birds here. I love watching them. Dog hair....of course I have I know where it

  7. It's the same around here Diane, the birds love it when we brush the dogs outside and they have all that lovely (if slightly smelly!) nesting material :O)