Monday, July 1, 2013

More Celeb Stamps

Here are some more Hollywood type stamps.  That first block of movie stamps must be pretty old-- 25 cents? I don't even remember postage that low, do you?

Have a nice July 1st!


  1. Cool stamps! I have a great set of Civil War stamps given to me in 1998, I think it was. They were probably for the 135th anniv. of the Battle of Gettysburg, which, of course, is now 150th!

  2. These are great... do you use these in your tag making?
    ...AND! unfortunately, yes, I do remember postage that low.
    I also remember . 65¢ /gallon gasoline! (WHEN I BOUGHT MY FIRST CAR)

    ...thanks for the reminder. :/

  3. Very the Dracula and Frankenstein ones!

  4. Yes, I do remember postage even lower than this. You are just a young thing.