Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TT/Fish and A Bonus

A very straight-forward theme this week at Tag Tuesday: Fish. Below is the tag I completed and posted there.

I also made these three other fish tags but was not very thrilled with any of them. As long as I did go to the trouble to complete them, I thought I'd post them anyway.

And just to keep this post going, here are my movie star tags I made for the A-Z theme at Tag Tuesday earlier this year. A couple of the taggers asked me what I did with all of them, and responding; "They're in an undecorated shoebox" just wouldn't cut it so I made little books.  The front and back covers are mat board I decorated and held them all together with binder rings.

Okay-- I'm done now; go have a nice day!


  1. Oh, that first one is my very favorite! They're all nice.

  2. I love these fish tags and oh....when I saw the movie tags I started ooohing and ahhhing! How beautiful each and every one of them is! You are so talented! WOW!

  3. I enjoy all your tags my dear.

  4. Ok... I was perusing the TT blog themes upcoming...and I saw "fish" was for this week.
    I half-expected to come here and find a tag with
    ...dare I say it?

    Mr. Limpet on it!!! LOL!!!! you're so into nostalgia, movie stars, and whimsy! :)

    It's neat to see how you have 'em hangin'!!!
    ...going to have a nice day now, Pat

  5. Since I love to fish, I really liked the fish tags!

  6. Cool! Your post has more "fishy" projects than mine. Blessings!

  7. I love the Ricky goes fishing tag Diane, it's adorable! And love your ring idea for displaying your movie star tags, I am very impressed that you did them all from A thru to Z. Off to follow your link to Tag Tuesday and join in the fun. Do I need to email Carolyn to ask her to join the blog? Thanks Diane, Deb

  8. Your fish tags are very cool! I just stayed at a B&B where the husband is a fisherman and takes guests out on his boat. These made me think of the great time we had there.

  9. I love all your tags - I think "Ricky goes fishing" is my fave if I had to pick one :o)