Friday, July 12, 2013

Okay, I Lied

On Monday, I posted what I said was the last of my stamp collection. Well, I forgot about the stamps below.  Since they are not singles, I have them stored separately from the others so didn't think of them.

Marilyn and The Doors are foreign stamps.  My husband bought them for me years ago through some mail order offer.

The Doors stamps are really nice.  Those are their album covers in case you don't know.

So that's it, and if I come across any more stamps, I think I'll keep my mouth shut.

Hey, it's Friday!


  1. Doors stamps - love them!!!!!

  2. Love the stamps especially The Doors ...I'm curious are these in a book? Do you have them framed or displayed?

  3. Hey, that husband of yours sounds like a great guy. Nice stamps. Thanks for the images.

  4. Post away! I love seeing these stamps. It's fun to collect them, too!

  5. I love seeing all your stamps. Love the Marilyn Monroe ones. Tara would want them in a sec. lol