Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Tag Tuesday is back to assigned themes this week.  First up is "Italy." As I mentioned last week, I don't have any Italian in me that I know of. I never had a real brainy idea so went sorta predictable, but I liked the pop of yellows. And the phrase means: Let's eat!



  1. This is cute!
    Love the yellow and the map... the whole theme of this one tag is appealing. This would be cute hanging from a basket with wine, marinara, pasta and bread inside...for a housewarming gift!
    Ever since asking about your tags and how they are used...I can't help but think how I'd use them...when I'm looking at them, now.
    ...catching up!

  2. Being raised in Italy I think you did it right, holy hell that's a phrase you'll hear A LOT as a child in Italy. :D Brings me back...

    1. Thanks, Van! I'll take that as quite a compliment!

  3. Love it...and it is very italian. Would be really cute as a gift tag as Corn said....cute idea!

  4. I love everything about Italy! It's my dream to go some day! Very cute tag my friend!