Sunday, November 18, 2012

New House Update

Just to prove that I'm not all talk, I have been working on the "new" dollhouse.  See it again here.  I painted all of the white trim as it was not finished and what was painted was slightly yellowed and slightly sloppy.  I also painted all the ceilings and primed the bathroom and kitchen for wallpaper.

I stopped at a local dollhouse shop (how lucky to have one three minutes away-- maybe that's more dangerous than lucky!).  The kind owner gave me a few wooden shingles which I already used to replace the damaged ones.  I also bought these two pieces.  Very nice because they were both on sale.

I had this empty picture frame not in use so I cut a playing card to fit.  They are great because they are so sturdy, no wrinkling, and you can often find scenes more or less to scale.

And have you ever been browsing the web and thought: I could make that? Well, case in point: I made this mini cat tree out of cardboard, a dowel, some string, and an old towel.  Considering the cost of most minis, the "I could make that" phrase better be heard a lot around here!

I papered the bathroom, made a box valance and roman shade, and even made the "tile" flooring.  It's card stock squares glued to a file folder and Mod Podged.  Not bad.

The kitchen got the same treatment.  The chairs and table I found online at a pretty reasonable price.  And the tile and curtains match the wallpaper better than this lighting shows.  Trust me.

So there you have it.  I'm waiting for more wallpaper to show up that was backordered.  Wallpapering a room in 15 minutes is such a satisfying experience!



  1. Hi Diane,

    Isn't it funny how we still have delays and back orders even when it comes to dollhouses! But, in the end, it is all worth it and perhaps, even appreciated just a little bit more.

    Your house is very warm and inviting, and I'm waiting for that wallpaper!

    Thanks for stopping by today. Nice to meet you!

    Poppy :)

  2. I love the little dog picture! I've always wanted a dollhouse to fix up. I think it would be so much fun to make things for it.

  3. I love doll houses. Enjoyed seeing your progress!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments, ladies!