Sunday, November 4, 2012

U.S. Presidents Trading Cards

In keeping with the "election theme," here are some U.S Presidents trading cards that I've had since good ol' '72.

Like my favorite Wacky Packages, these too were put out by by Topps.  They were sold in packs with the ever-present stick of gum, the same as Wacky Packs and baseball cards.  Each president up to 1972 was pictured on a card plus the '72 presidential candidates.  They sell on Ebay for $4.00 each on average.  Unopened packs are rare and pricey.  If I ever come into $$$, maybe I'll add to my little collection.



  1. These are very cool! Thanks for visiting me at Little Homestead on the Hill :)

  2. Those are great! I can't believe I've never seen them before! P.S. I don't know if I ever told you, but I just love Lydia the mail horse!!!... Donna

  3. I always enjoy seeing what types of things people collect since I'm a collector too. Those are very cool!

  4. I should tell a co worker about these...she's a nut about history and our presidents : )

    1. Thanks for all the comments! For being cheap (at the time) trading cards, these do have some interesting facts on the back.