Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Cross Stitch

Ever get carried away with a project?  Last year I bought a cross stitch pattern to make a few gifts-- and keep a couple for myself.  Well...

Um, yes, there are more...

And when I thought I was done, my daughter asked me to make this one for her.

So I made every one on the pattern for my house! That's okay; I did get the gifts made too!



  1. Those are awesome! Gosh, I haven't done cross stitch in FOREVER! I miss it! I might have to find one to work on this winter!... Donna

  2. These turned out great! I love Prairie Schooler! Nice work!

  3. I've done tons of crafts like quilting and embroidery and calligraphy, etc. But rarely cross-stitch. I was looking for a small Halloween cross-stitch pattern and came across this post. I love these! Can you tell me how you finished them? I'd love to learn!

    1. Basically, cut lightweight cardboard to the size you want the finished cross stitch to be. Put a little fiberfill or thin batting over the cardboard then "stretch" your cross stitch over the fiberfill. Glue and/or tape to the back. Glue the back to a piece of felt-- add a ribbon (or etc.) hanger at this point if you want to hang it-- then just trim the felt as desired. I used pinking shears to get that decorative edge on mine. Takes a little patience to get it centered and all, but it's a fairly easy process. Good luck and thanks for the comment!